A Unique and Romantic Wedding Destination

Weddings aboard Victory Chimes began shortly after WWII. Back in the 1990s we began doing them and as word spread they became very popular. So much so, word traveled to an early Wedding Planning web site and we were named on a list as: “One of the most romantic places you can find to say, ‘I do.’”

Because of her history as an American National Historic Landmark, her and size, and the fact that she operates on one of the most beautiful causing grounds in the world, Victory Chimes has been the most popular wedding destination on the seas. Captains Files is a Notary Public, or you can bring your own officiant.

We have done overnight wedding cruises with 40 overnight guests; a 4-hour wedding cruise for 90 (with a special USCG excursion permit); and even served as overflow lodging for large shoreside weddings on a couple of Maine’s many islands.

We understand how privileged we are to host such special occasions, and our bride and grooms are amazed not only at the value , but also an experience that their guests will never forget. We have sent dozens of couples into life together with.

We all know brides can be very particular about their big day. We received this letter from one of our recent brides, Elizabeth who was married to Jackie Foley aboard in a secluded cove on June 24, 2017. It comes from her perspective and if you’re considering a wedding at sea, you might want to give it a read.

A Bride’s Perspective of a Wedding Aboard Victory Chimes

Dear Captains,
Jackie and I cannot express enough how amazing the Victory Chimes venue was for our wedding. It was everything we dreamed of. Victory Chimes is probably one of the most romantic settings we have ever encountered.
The weekend wedding celebration began with a trouble-free and well organized boarding for all of our guests where each were provided a thorough tour of the vessel and settled into their accommodations. Each cabin was delightfully prepared. Soon thereafter, we were spoiled with a delicious lunch on deck by Chef James of wrap sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, kale salad and brownies while the rest of the crew readied this magnificent beauty for sail.

Our sail to across Penobscot Bay was a treat in itself. Our guests energetically participated in the raising of her beautiful sails and enjoyed the engaging interactions with the crew as they learned about sailing on a schooner. Captain DeGaeta shared many interesting points of history about the Victory Chime that added to the mystique and romance of the entire celebration. We sailed past sheer beauty on all sides and soon were at anchor in Carver Cove.
In preparation for the wedding ceremony, we went to our cabins to get ready. The special “honeymoon” cabin is where I got ready with my new step daughter/maid of honor and the accommodations were just terrific, with plenty of room! Chef James prepared light appetizers for our waiting guests. Walking out from below deck, with each of my sons on each side of me, through our guests and up to the area where we held the ceremony was an experience forever etched in my heart. Surrounded by gorgeous blue waters, distant shores, under three large wooden masts with the slight clanging of the tackle on a spectacular windjammer was a dream wedding come true. Our vows rang loud and clear with my nephew Matt accompanying the wedding on his trumpet. Sheer awesomeness!
The celebrations continued to surpass anything we could have imagined. Our guests were treated to a true New England dinner of fresh lobster (or chicken), local corn on the cob and a delicious slaw. The crew had set out a delightful dinner setting to include “ship worthy” champagne glasses where we enjoyed a number of sweet toasts. At the conclusion of dinner, our nautical themed wedding cake was set up on deck where we enjoyed the traditionally cake sharing between bride and groom (yes, we did it nicely), and our first dance to “When You Say Nothing at All” performed by my own new daughter in law, Natasha.
We enjoyed the rest of the evening at anchor celebrating with family and friends. The Captain had a crew member climb the rigging to get even more spectacular photographs from up above as well as sent a crew member out in the skiff to get a very memorable group shot on the rail of this gorgeous boat. Chef James prepared late night snacks of wraps and a beautiful fruit tray for those a little hungry late into the night. The Captain and crew were exceptional in making this the perfect celebration of our love story!
The following morning, after a peaceful and cozy sleep by all, lulled to dreams by the soft movements made by the waters below, Chef James presented us with a spectacular breakfast of Maine Blueberry pancakes, eggs Benedict and delicious sausage. We accompanied this delicious breakfast by a mimosa bar we had prepared. How Chef James and his assistants turned out 3 such gourmet meals in a relatively small boat galley still mystifies me. The meals were amazing!
We sailed back to Rockland after that hearty breakfast and again, upon docking, the crew was exceptional in assisting all of our guests as they disembarked. We continue to hear from our family and friends that it was “the best wedding ever”! We only wish it did not go by so quickly. We cannot more highly recommend Victory Chimes as a wedding venue. It was spectacular and truly everything we dreamed of and more! We plan to return annually to celebrate our anniversary each June! Thank you again, Captain DeGaeta; you have one fine vessel!

Elizabeth and Jackie Foley(of Cape Cod, and originally Punta Gorda, FL)