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The Victory Chimes in the News

A Maine Windjammer Cruise Aboard 'Victory Chimes' (with photos)
featured on, July 16, 2013

Featured in the May 2012 issue of Downeast Magazine, our own Pam Sheridan.

“This galley is like playing restaurant,” she says. Just don’t call her a chef, she admonishes with a grin.

Read more... (scroll about 2/3 of the way down)

The Victory Chimes has also been featured in the following publications:

....New York Sunday Times, (Cover story for travel section) May 23, 1993
....Bon Appe'tite, April 1993,
....Houston Post, January 31, 1993,
Victory Chimes....USA Weekend, May 27-29, 1994,
....Atlanta Journal Constitution, 1994,
....Boston Sunday Globe, July 17, 1994,
....CBS Sunday Morning (T.V.), August, 1994,
....Yankee Magazine Travel Guide, Spring, 1995,
....AAA Car & Travel, February, 1995,
....New Choices Magazine, March, 1995,
....Country Home Magazine, March/April, 1995,
....Toronto Star, April 15, 1995,
....Cincinnati Enquirer, September, 1995,
....Your Money, November, 1995,
....L.L. Bean Housewares catalog, Fall,1996,
....Soundings Magazine , March, 1997,
....Providence Journal, March 17,1997,
....Chicago Times, April 6, 1997,
....Road Smart, Summer 1997,
....Travel Holiday, June, 1997,
....Washington Post, October, 1999,
....Mature Outlook, October, 1999,
....Baltimore Sun, October, 1999,
....News Journal (Wilmington, DE), October, 1999,
....Chesapeake Bay Magazine, January, 2000,
....Downeast Magazine, March, 2000,
....Sea History Magazine, Summer 2000,
....Cincinnatti Enquirer, September, 2000,
....CBS Sunday Morning, September, 2000,
....New York Post, July 24, 2001,
....Maine Sunday Telegram, August 25, 2002
....Miami Herald, 4/27/08 (Miami, FL)
....Reading Eagle, 8/3/08 (Reading, PA)
....Newark Star Ledger, 6/11/08 (Newark, NJ)
....Milwaukee Journal, 5/17/08 (Milwaukee, WI)
....Plain Dealer, 6/1/08, (Cleveland, OH)
....Raleigh News, 6/8/08 (Raleigh, NC)
....Chicago Tribune, 6/8/08 (Chicago, IL)
....Baltimore Sun, 6/15/08 (Baltimore, MD)
....Times Record, 6/8/08 (Middleton, NY)
....Akron Beacon Journal, 6/16/08 (Akron, OH)
....Providence Journal, 6/29/08 (Providence, RI)


A Photograph of the Victory Chimes was featured in the L.L. Bean Fall Housewares Catalog on page 58.

We are an official test site for the famous Maine retail company located in Freeport, Maine. L.L. Bean's Housewares division will send us some of their bowls or pitchers and similar items from a competitor. We put the items through the paces with you, our passengers. After a specified period Loraine quizzes Mary and the galley staff about the items in regards to wearability, style, function etc. and fills out a report which she submits back to L.L. Bean's Corporate Headquarters. They combine our test results with their research to determine if an item meets the rigid quality standards to become an L.L. Bean product. So next time someone mentions that something came from the L.L. Bean Catalog, tell them you just may have helped test the item! We are honored and proud to assist in product development for this legendary Maine institution.

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