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Victory Chimes and the Maine Windjammer Fleet

The Victory Chimes is proud to be a part of the Historic Maine Windjammer Fleet. While each vessel competes for your business we are also tied together like few other industries because of the common bond of preserving our fleet of historic American sailing vessels. This fleet is a composed of 15 or so traditional sailing vessels which are independently owned and operated by individuals who are inexplicably tied to another era. Our collective passion is in maintaining and preserving the ways of historical traditional sailing vessels. These sailing ships represent an integral part of our countries history and development. None of these vessels have been the benefactors of foundations or government assistance of any type. Many started their careers as Coastal Cargo schooners. Today we still carry cargo but it is now in the form of people looking for an out of the ordinary vacation adventure. The efforts of the independent Captain/owners of our fleet will be the determining factor in what will be preserved from our sailing past for future generations to enjoy.

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Victory Chimes and the Maine Windjammer Fleet
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