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June Knowles Celebrates her 50th Cruise

1962- John F. Kennedy was President, The Beatles recorded their first record, John Glen was the first American to orbit the moon and in August June Knowles first sailed aboard the Victory Chimes. She recalls that first trip. "We had about three hours of sunshine on Thursday afternoon and that was all. We were down in Friendship and sailed back to Rockland in a Nor'easter. I was with a friend and she froze-it wasn't her thing. I think I was the only person on deck the whole way back."

Most people probably wouldn't have been enthusiastic after having bad weather take up their vacation week but June isn't most people. "I loved it and couldn't wait to get back." And she has been coming back ever since.

How did June come to choose the Chimes? "I read some articles and thought I would love to do that someday. I got all the brochures from the boats, there were not as many as today, but when I got the Victory Chimes brochure there was no question-she was so beautiful `This is the one!', I could tell!"

June goes on to explain her attraction to the vessel "I love the sea and she has such a sense of history and freedom that I feel when I'm aboard-she's almost alive, she's so real. Just being aboard and being out there is the most marvelous sense of light, freedom and joy that I find so totally restorative. It offers more than anything you would ever anticipate, to me."

What stands out most while looking back? "There were truly so many times, so many experiences that stand out- Skippers (Capt Guild) last cruise in 1985, when I thought she was gone forever, then miracle of miracles you all brought her back and that first cruise in 1991. Last Fourth of July, the thunder storm at Boothbay was a totally natural thing. The color, the smells, everything about it. The people you have gotten to know, and keep in touch with. Like Peter Dodge who was in the galley my first trip, then worked up to 2nd mate. He went off to Vietnam but thank God he returned. Now I see him playing in `Flash in the Pan", the steel band at Bucks Harbor. There are so many memories, its a kaleidoscope of experiences." June even recalls a night at Pulpit Harbor in 1964 when she was up on deck smoking a cigarette and enjoying a full moon. "I thought, `the world is so beautiful I don't need this' and I threw the cigarette overboard and haven't smoked since."

Lets look at some of June's favorites: Meal? "Lobster", Cabin ?"10", Spot ? "The quarter deck seat or cabin top-great for visuals", Activity? "Sense of being in touch on so many different levels, yourself, nature, other people or a combination." Night ? "Sunday because you have the whole week to look forward to. Friday is melancholy but a lovely night to sit on deck and reflect about the week." Destination? "Places like Pulpit, Northeast Harbor, Boothbay-all for different reasons. I love sailing around Mount Desert. I love Castine. It's all so beautiful, it's difficult to pick a favorite spot. Places we go are the essence of coastal Maine."

June Knowles is a very special lady to us. Read her poetry about the Victory Chimes, the Sea and coastal Maine and you will come to know why we call her our Spiritual Historian. She has developed many close relationships to others who have a strong attachment to The Victory Chimes like the entire Guild Family and her fellow shipmates, many of whom get together each year to cruise as a group. We often kid June that she has more tonnage time on traditional sailing vessels than 99% of the Licensed Captains in America. June Knowles is a quiet unassuming delightfully pleasant person who just happens to be a legend aboard the Victory Chimes. Here's to 50 more cruises June, we love you!!!!

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