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"What could possibly be more romantic?"
Lisa Matte

Aboard the Victory Chimes

guests help outIt is the most relaxing, restorative vacation you could imagine. Pack up your day-to-day cares and leave them on the dock — you won't miss them at all. You'll be much too busy savoring the simple pleasures of shipboard life: the time to read a good book, the tranquility to snooze in the warmth of the afternoon sun, the freedom to go wherever the wind takes us, the adventure of discovering a new harbor every evening. You'll find special places ashore, too, whether we're lying off an unspoiled island beach or a salty seafaring port.

On the Victory Chimes, passengers seem to get to know each other more easily than they might at a land-based resort. We think it's because the atmosphere is so restful, so conducive to chatting over breakfast or sharing the thrill of seeing a porpoise trace crescents above the waves. But there's also plenty of time and space for being quietly alone, simply gazing at the sea.

Don't worry about getting lax with your exercise regimen — unless you want to! Before or after the day's sail, you can swim, give your biceps a workout in the rowboat, go for a run, or take an energetic walk along the shore. If you're a sailing buff, or are eager to become one, the captain and crew will welcome your help hoisting and lowering the sails. To hone your navigational skills, you can practice plotting our course with the compass and chart laid out just for passengers, or practice marlinspike seamanship with a crew member.

Once the anchor is down in the evening, we enjoy gathering on the main deck to toast the day. We provide the hors d'oeuvres, and you're welcome to bring soft drinks or spirits for your personal consumption (for safety and in consideration of other passengers, we of course cannot tolerate excessive drinking). We always look forward to dinner with great eagerness — what with the marvelous aromas coming from the galley, it's all we can do to wait until the brass bell is rung! You will feast on lobster and other unique hardy New England fare that our Chef prepares daily. All meals are included, from fresh blueberry pancakes in the morning to homemade breads and desserts at lunch and dinner. After sharing in an informal sing-along or slipping away for a final look at the stars, it's time for a good night's sleep. You'll find you sleep like a baby and awaken refreshed, ready for a big breakfast! Both breakfast and dinner are served in the main saloon. Lunches are usually served on deck as we sail along.


spacious cabins with hot and cold running waterThe Victory Chimes size makes her a very comfortable vessel. Her 132 feet of deck space offers plenty of room for you to grab one of our overstuffed deck mats and stretch out, or you can find a secluded spot to catch some rays or snuggle up with a good book. Two full-size on-deck showers are available for your convenience in the forward house. Down below, the large saloon where meals are served offers a great spot as a respite from the sun or weather, or a place to play cribbage or other games available on board. We also have a large selection of books for your reading pleasure.

Aft of the main saloon, the passenger accommodations open off the airy companionway. All are outside cabins with opening portholes, and all are at least six feet by eight feet, with nine feet of headroom. All have hot and cold running water, good reading lights, and large berths with comfortable mattresses, pillows, sheets, and warm blankets. Some cabins accommodate two, while larger ones have multiple berths just right for families. Single cabins are also available. Each cabin is comfortably spacious with storage areas for your belongings.

We have four special suites that are ideal for the honeymoon couple or those who require a little more in the way of creature comforts. Each of these cabins has a double bed, hot and cold running water and its own head (toilet). The decor is a little more "yacht like" with a stocked library. They are available on a first-come first-served basis at a slightly higher cost than our regular cabins and based on double occupancy. If interested, please inquire.

below deck

Captain's Log

What can you expect on a Victory Chimes cruise? Following are some of the Captain's thoughts and observations during a recent season.

June 1: First sail with Sound School, will have these sail training students aboard for two weeks. Had a great night sail this week. Great to see the kids enjoying the Maine coast and this historic vessel. -Capt Files

June 8-11: First sight of whales this season off Swans Island! -Capt Files

June 13 -15: Had a great weekend Files family reunion on board. Found out 2nd Mate Robert is a talented guitar player serenading the guests -Capt Files

Victory ChimesJune 17-20: Great to be back on Penobscot Bay for another season. Fog finally lifted. A spectacular sight seeing all the Windjammers, sailing like they did on the bay a hundred years ago. -Capt Files

June 22-27: Boothbay Windjammer Days. Saw a Minke whale off Monhegan on the way up to Boothbay. Great lobster feed on Lineken Bay hosted by the Boothbay Chamber. Parade was called early as fog rolled in. Saw a basking shark (The first I have seen in these waters) and puffins on our way back down to Rockland. -Capt Files

June 29: Baylor Academy on for two weeks. Had a big schooner Gam with 14 vessels tied up together — what a sight. Governor King and wife stayed aboard, so we renamed the suite he stayed in, in his honor. -Capt Files

July 13: Fleet decided on Carvers Cove for Schooner Gam. Enjoying my first trip taking her this season and having Joyce and my three boys aboard. This Gam is something the fleet does for itself. We don't decide where we are going until the day of the event and then we all raft up together. What a treat for the passengers who visit from boat to boat and experience American Maritime history up close and personal — available no where else in the entire country.-Capt DeGaeta

July 17: Saw twin baby bald eagles in a nest on sheep Island. -Capt Files

July 22: Saw Finback whale off Acadia. Enjoying great summer weather.-Capt Files

July 27: Great weather continues We keep hearing of the heat wave up to the southward. Nice here!-Capt Files

August 3: Monday night at Bucks Harbor, where they close off Main Street for the Steel Band music festival every other week. Close your eyes and you swear you are in the Caribbean Islands, they are that good! Gorgeous week of weather, made it to Somes Sound, the only Fjard on the U.S. East Coast. -Capt DeGaeta

August 10: Visited historic Castine this week. The Dutch, French, British and Americans all fought over this strategic location that guarded the great ship building timbers of the Maine old growth forests. Got some great sailing breezes. Had the vessel doing 10 knots this week on a beam reach. What a ride as 400 tons of schooner cuts a course across the bay. -Capt Files

Aug 17: Touch of fall this trip. NW breeze blew the fog out and made for crystal clear nights. Clear enough to locate star constellations you never see in cities. You can even track satellites as the pass overhead. -Capt Files

Aug 20: Anchored in Isle au Haut, part of Acadia National Park. Saw lots of deer. Real pretty. -Capt Files

Aug 24: Northern Lights have been spectacular. Great evening shows, a real treat. -Capt Files

Aug 31: Camden Sail-In week. As always a great time. We won the passenger talent show again this year. The trip into tight Camden Harbor is always a show stopper for a vessel as large as the Chimes. Not much room but what a sight to see this schooner in such a great harbor. -Capt Files

Sept 7: Wooden Boat Sail-In week. The last gathering of the fleet for '98. As always a great time. The steel band played ashore for our guests. -Capt Files

Sept 14: June Knowles on her 52nd trip. Lots of return passengers on this week. We remembered a few of our special friends, like John Leonard, who are no longer around to make the trips, with a memorial service. -Capt Files

Sept 21: Mother nature is starting her paint job. You can start to see the foliage change. -Capt Files

Sept 26: Family and friend cruise, had Joyce and a dozen close friends up from Florida avoiding the squelching heat. Also family from Toronto, and a mini-reunion for the 509th Parachute Infantry Bn. of WWII-America's first combat paratroops and my Uncle's old outfit. Foggy but a fun time.-Capt DeGaeta

Sept 30: Last cruise of the season. A high-pressure system provided one of those clear spectacular views of this beautiful bay that we cruise on — you can see for miles. The Camden hills are afire with autumn colors. Sailed through Leadbetters Narrows, granite and pine so close you can almost reach out and touch them. Spent one day off North Haven riding the hook as a gale blew through, the next day was a marvelous sail. Another great season, we sailed with over 750 Victory Chimes family members this year!-Capt DeGaeta


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